Growth Charts:

Growth Charts is a Macintosh OS X application that allows for tracking and charting of growth data for children/teens from birth through age 20 years. It can track weight, length/height, head circumference, and even body mass index (BMI). Additionally, the predicted adult height can be estimated. Using the program, data can be stored, edited, and subsequently plotted on growth charts. The growth charts come from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and are the same ones used by pediatricians throughout the United States to monitor for abnormal or concerning growth patterns. If you have ever been curious to follow the growth of your child (or yourself) the same way that the doctor does, this program will allow you to do that using the same charts that your doctor probably uses.

Drip Sheet Calculator:

This calculator creates drip sheets for pediatric patients and may be useful for settings such as pediatric intensive care units (PICUs), ambulances, etc. Use of the sheets should be self-explanatory to those who may have a need for them. They were intended to be printed out and taped to the patient's bedside in the event of an emergency.


Blood Calculator:

Helps calculate an estimated blood loss or a post-op hematocrit based on the age of the patient (works for pediatric patients and adults). Also can help to estimate how much blood is needed for a transfusion to achieve a desired hematocrit.


Dilution Solution:

This is a small program to help calculate proper dilutions. Using the program should be simple and straightforward. It is useful for when you need to make a new solution from a stock solution of a known concentration. You enter the original concentration of the stock solution, the desired concentration of your final solution, and the total amount of final solution you want. The program then tells you how much of the original stock solution need to add to then dilute it up to the final desired volume.


Body Surface Area Tables and Calculator:

Body Surface Area (BSA) is a measure of the total area on the outside of a person's body. It is often used in medicine for dosing certain medications and for estimating the amount of intravenous fluid a burn victim might need. Many web sites have on-line calculators to determine BSA and this web site is no exception. Also offered are two PDF files which contain body surface area (BSA) measurements that can be used to make a quick estimation of a patient's BSA. The files are probably difficult to use for on-screen viewing, but if they are printed they can serve as a quick reference in an emergency.


Age and Weight Calculator:

This simple JavaScript calculator will determine a person's age based on a date of birth and will also convert back and forth between pounds and kilograms. It was originally written with pediatrics in mind, especially someone who is taking calls at home and needs to answer pages about various patients. The age calculator will report age in a pediatric appropriate manner. In other words, for very young children it will report how old the patient is in days; for slightly older children it will report months, and for even older children it will report the age in years. This distinction can be important when, for example, the question arises as to whether a very young child with a fever meets the age cut-off for needing a lumbar puncture.


Transplant Date Calculator:

This was written specifically for those who perform bone marrow transplants in cancer patients, although it may be useful to others as well. It is a small JavaScript program which can help determine the date of a bone marrow transplant based on the number of days written in a chart or the number of days since the transplant based on a specific date. It can also help to determine the actual date of a transplant based on historical number of days since a transplant written in a patient chart.


Group Randomizer:

This is a small JavaScript program that can assist in making a randomized list to assign study subjects to different groups. This could be useful for researchers who are interested in conducting a randomized trial.


BMT Adjusted Ideal Body Weight Calculator:

This is a small JavaScript program to calcualted adjusted ideal body weights, which is used by those calculating chemotherpapy dosing. It was made for the bone marrow transplant team at the University of Michigan.